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The Estate are pleased to announce that on 04 June 2019 Hoppy’s archive was placed on a long-term loan within the Research Library at Bishopsgate Institute in the City of London. This will facilitate public access to Hoppy’s negatives and provide a bank of high resolution images for reference and for licensing purposes.

Colleen Cox, Archivist at the Bishopsgate Institute

  1. Bishopsgate Institute archivist Colleen Cox examines items from the archive of John ‘Hoppy’ Hopkins, July 2019

Bishopsgate Institute’s archivist, Colleen Cox, will start to catalogue the archive straightaway with the aim of completing the work by the end of February 2020. The Estate continues to oversee the digitisation of the photographic collection, and will have continuing access to the negatives and digital images for licensing activities and management of print sales.

Stefan Dickers and Colleen Cox of the Bisopsgate Institute

  1. Special Collections and Archives Manager Stefan Dickers and Archivist Colleen Cox at Bishopsgate Institute, London, July 2019


Bishopsgate Institute is delighted and honoured to be able to provide a home for the incredible archive of John ‘Hoppy’ Hopkins. The archive is a treasure trove for historians and researchers detailing, not only Hoppy’s life and career, but also the social and counter-cultural history of the UK in the twentieth century. His writings, photography and artwork will be freely available for all to consult at the Institute, and will inspire, inform and educate future generations.

  1. Stefan Dickers, Bishopsgate Institute


The Institute’s collections and archives focus on everyday life in London and on protest movements and campaigns, amongst other topics. They also hold an extensive photographic resource and have the necessary facilities and focus to meet the Archive’s needs. You can find out more about their collections by visiting their website:

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  1. The interior of the research Library at the Bishopsgate Institute, London

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