Exciting news: we are delighted to announce that Hoppy’s archive is now online and accessible.

After more than 18 months of hard work by Colleen Goldspink, Library and Digital Archives Manager at Bishopsgate Institute, Hoppy’s archives have been fully catalogued and are now available to view online.

With a lyrical introduction by Adam Blake that captures something of Hoppy’s style and grace, Bishopsgate Institute present a comprehensive guide to Hoppy through the lens of his papers; detailing his friendships, projects, interests and obsessions. Fleshing out the man behind the myth and ensuring that a greater appreciation of his important creative legacy can be made.

Hoppy was profoundly opposed to tyranny. Throughout his career, he was primarily interested in the democratisation of access to information. His influence remains profoundly felt if not always acknowledged, and his photographs remain his most enduring legacy.

  1. Adam Blake for the Bishopsgate Institute Website © Adam Blake 2021


Access the archive here